It is my greatest honor to welcome you all to the fourth session of the African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU). ALAMAU is a simulation of the African Union (AU), bringing together youth from across Africa and the world at large to take on the roles of African leaders working to tackle issues affecting or influencing the continent today. The African Union (AU) has played a key role in enabling prosperity for Africa, however we believe that responsibility must be extended to the youth of today to accelerate the attainment of the goals of the AU for the political, social and economic growth of the continent..

ALAMAU is a phenomenal opportunity for delegates to exercise diplomacy as a tool that can be used to create the world we desire. Throughout the five days of conference, delegates will be challenged to debate, negotiate and collaborate to draft feasible resolutions for which they will develop action plans on the issues that the respective committees will be tackling. The action plans are a unique feature of the ALAMAU conference aimed at providing delegates with an opportunity to study and think critically about the resources available and the practicality of the solutions proposed in their resolutions for implementation. However, what makes the ALAMAU experience unique is the opportunity for delegates to learn and grow outside their committees. Through events such as the Cultural Night, delegates will be exposed to the vast and impressive diversity that Africa holds, and they will also be fortunate to interact with influential figures in the field of international affairs, such as diplomats and ambassadors. ALAMAU 2017 is set to grow with the addition of two committees (a total of nine committees), further broadening the array of topics that the delegates will engage with to enable us utilize our resources for the achievement of holistic Pan-African cooperation.

We are delighted to be hosting ALAMAU 2017 in South Africa, a nation world-renowned for its deliberate actions to end the Apartheid Regime and liberate a diverse yet distressed nation. Whether you are an experienced delegate or a first-timer, we are sure that you will have a memorable experience during your time in the Rainbow Nation. We guarantee that this conference will transform your perspective of Africa, enable you to form life-long friendships as well as renew your passion for a better world.

On behalf of the whole team, I look forward to meeting you in March 2017.

Salma Khai Ahmed

Chairperson, ALA Model African Union 2017

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