It is my pleasure to welcome you to the fifth session of the African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU). ALAMAU is an intense five-day conference that simulates the African Union and its various organs. The conference brings together young leaders from Africa and all over the world to discuss some of the challenges that confront the African continent. Inspiration for ALAMAU is drawn from Model United Nations conferences held all around the world which allow for diplomatic discussions about world issues but we choose to take it to a whole different level by focusing on Africa.

By assuming the roles of current African leaders, ALAMAU aims to empower young leaders to model international cooperation for development while celebrating diversity. In the shoes of these leaders, they are tasked to come up with resolutions as well as action plans that could reshape the way we think about the future of our continent through diplomacy. The five-day conference also serves as an opportunity for delegates to involve themselves in the study of complex African issues, understand the positions of African countries, and learn to successfully negotiate without compromising national interests.

Throughout the conference, delegates and advisors will be involved in various activities outside of debate. The conference commences with a beautiful Opening Ceremony where delegates are welcomed by musical and dance performances as well as a keynote speaker within the world of African diplomacy and international affairs. Delegates will be afforded the opportunity to interact with influential diplomats and representatives of international organizations at the Diplomatic Reception and Roundtable. Following this, there will be a Cultural Night where delegates are exposed to the vast and impressive diversity that Africa possesses filled with music, dance, drama, and food. They will also get the chance to tour the beautiful city of Johannesburg, attend a Gala Dinner as well as a Delegates’ Dance. Outstanding delegates will be recognized during the Closing Ceremony before their departure.

Since its inception in 2014, ALAMAU has shown tremendous growth that has continued into this year. The 2018 session promises to be the biggest and best conference yet as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of ALAMAU and the 10th anniversary of African Leadership Academy. The size of the conference is set to increase with the addition of one committee, taking the overall number of committees offered at ALAMAU to ten from the initial five committees offered at the inaugural session. We will also be expecting our largest number of delegates since our inception, a projection of more than 250 delegates from schools across the world.

The beauty of ALAMAU lies in the fact that delegates and advisors involve themselves in an all-inclusive experience, allowing for their involvement in diverse conversations and debates that potentially reshape the African continent. Whether you are an experienced delegate or a first-timer, we are sure you will have a memorable experience at ALAMAU 2018.

On behalf of the whole team, I look forward to meeting you in March 2018.

Mubarak Adetunji

Chairperson, ALA Model African Union 2018

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