14 days till Conference!

Committee: The Specialised Technical Committee on Education

Topic: Accelerating Growth through Increased Technological Education

Hey everyone, welcome to installment one of the series for the month of March. Each day, we’ll bring you something short and sweet that hopefully inspires you all to read your study guides (for the delegates) or/and inspire you in general. Today, we are inspiring you to read the study guide for the committee at the top of the page headed by a smart Kenyan woman whose name is Aroma.

Education is one of those things we take for granted

We go to school, from class to class, slightly disoriented,

Bored even, confused by the pointlessness of it,

Forgetting that while imperfect, it is always a privilege,

That we learn to improve on those things that precede

That our ipads, iphones, wifi, laptops are all revolutionary

Things that toppled, dismantled, broke systems of oppression

Like handwashing your clothes, or lighting a fire with two stones. 

How much more you with the phone in your hand?

Seriously though, read your study guide. It will be great!

Till tomorrow

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