Director of Research Yasmin Matuwamu Abdul Nasser ALAMAU African Leadership Academy Model African Union

This year the African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) commemorates 10 years of existence and its active efforts to  equip  young  leaders  from  Africa  and  across  the  world  with critical  thinking,  problem solving, research  and  diplomacy  skills.

The conference theme seeks to stimulate discussions and spark debates on a wide range of  topics pertaining to inclusivity in various sectors of development. Furthermore, the theme seeks to question how futuristic the African continent is if we are not inclusive about marginalised topics. As we envisage the collective success and prosperity of Africa, we see an Africa that is proactively growing into different sectors and the“…re-dedication of Africa towards the attainment of the Pan African vision of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens, representing a dynamic force in the international arena.”  

With the media undeniably being a powerful catalyst for change and representation, delegates will bring to perspective what steps the media can take to report news without the exclusion of minorities in society. This perspective would expand to how minority representation and empowerment in governance can be ensured. Considering the immense importance of education, committees will come up with resolutions on how we can foster collaboration between higher education institutions to strengthen research and innovation on the continent. This will ensure the individual educational fields benefit from spaces and opportunities that will enable success for all. 

As primary healthcare is an essential service to the populace, we look forward to understanding how to secure the quality and a standard of regulating public health services to prevent healthcare acquired infections. This is so that the average citizen is not prevented from accessing health services out of the fear of contracting more diseases or affected by contracting these diseases out of a lack of choice. 

Furthermore, acknowledging the power of a thriving economy in a post pandemic world and the impact of the Russia-Ukraine invasion on economies, how do we ensure the effective utilisation of resources, trade and energy  to promote a successful regional integration on the African continent?  How do we capitalise on the success of the AU flagship project on the African Continental Free Trade Area to ensure that all African states are given equal inclusion to strengthen economic standings? At the same time, the AU flagship project of ‘Silencing the Guns’ has eight years more to attain measurable success. 

How do we leverage local courts of human rights to settle interstate conflicts, consequently thinking of ways to secure the rights of migrant workers on the African continent to make certain that no one feels excluded anywhere on the continent. 

Finally, in a fast-paced world of high technological dependency, how do we prevent cybersecurity crimes as we collectively advance to prosperity? How do governments prevent the perpetuation of cybersecurity crimes and ensure that the records of the entire citizenry is safeguarded and everyone feels safe.

Noting that the year 2023 marks “the First Ten Year Implementation Plan (FTYIP) of Agenda 2063 (2013 – 2023)” and “is the first in a series of five ten year plans over the fifty year horizon of Agenda 2063’s 50 time frame” ALAMAU is determined to engage delegates in transformative discourse that will propel the vision of the seven sets of aspirations into actualized actions. As we globally move to a post pandemic world, it is highly pertinent to resume discussions on what an inclusive Africa looks like and what quality of future it holds for us all. For decades, we have dwelled heavily on conversations of events of the past and as much as we acknowledge that the past is important, more crucially, we believe clinging to the past without an active action for the future is a futile engagement. Delegates through this theme and the set up of various committees in the 2023 ALAMAU will grapple with topics that will challenge their perspectives, scope and broaden their horizon on a series of international relations affairs.