Imagine a world without colour.

Imagine black: a dark void swallowing everything in sight. Now imagine white: a blend of the purest rays blinding everything from sight. Now, think of colours dancing around you, forming constellations full of magnificent patterns. Beautiful right? This proves the popular quote that says: “The earth without art is literally just…eh”.

On the 20th of March, different African prints were seen during the ALAMAU opening ceremony. The delegates of the different countries, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria and many more all had one thing in common: we all dressed to impress.

The colours we wear represent who we are. Africans generally love colours, we see them as a way of life. The opening ceremony presented a wild array of colours wrapping the room in a warm blanket with different shades of rich thread. We saw Gambians, Togolese, Ivorians showing us how rich their culture is, presenting themselves in vibrant prints made of different materials. Nigerians with different coloured laces and wildly styled ankara clothing parading with the pride of their nation.

Africans are complex in the most beautiful ways. Our culture and heritage are interwoven in the threads of what we wear. Have you seen a Yoruba woman attending a party? Or a Zulu woman getting married? The amount of colours in what they wear is what makes them stand out.

The truth is, we might be different, we may have different ethnics, and beliefs, but our culture of beauty runs long from our ancestors. Our fabrics tell a story, listen well and you might hear the slight whisper of the silky fabrics, saying, “Our unity is in our colours”.

By Notoma-Jefia Oghenefejiro, The East African Correspondent

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