Esteemed African intellectual,

I come to you with a profound sense of urgency, one that is rooted in the deep-seated complexities and contradictions that mark our continent. Indeed, the challenges before us are immense, and it is crucial that we, as intellectuals, confront them with honesty, nuance, and inclusivity.

Let me be unequivocal: the idea that African intellectuals bear sole responsibility for the state of our continent is both simplistic and perilous. While it is true that some of us have become estranged from our roots and have failed to engage fully with the struggles of our people, this is not a universal phenomenon. It is critical that we avoid sweeping generalizations that obfuscate the diversity of experiences and perspectives that
characterize our community.

Moreover, we must recognize that the impediments confronting many African intellectuals are not of their own making. These include systemic inequalities, limited access to resources and education, and a host of other factors that make it difficult to pursue our ambitions and goals. It is incumbent upon us to collaborate to address these obstacles, rather than castigating individuals for difficulties that are deeply embedded in the structures of our society.

I wish to emphasize, too, the importance of cherishing and preserving African languages and cultures. Although it is true that many African intellectuals have adopted the tongue of the colonizer as a pragmatic necessity, this does not indicate that we have jettisoned our mother tongues or cultural heritage. Rather, this is a complex and nuanced choice that reflects the realities of our circumstance. It is possible to seize the opportunities provided by the globalized world while simultaneously venerating and celebrating our distinct
histories and traditions.

In conclusion, I implore you to embrace complexity and nuance in your intellectual pursuits. Listen to the voices of those around you, particularly those who have been marginalized or excluded.

Engage with the diverse perspectives and experiences that typify our continent, and labour ceaselessly to construct a more equitable and just future for all Africans.

With sincere regards,
A fellow African intellectual

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