Hope for our Future

Hey everyone,

This is part two of the creative series per of our blog.

The below piece is titled  ‘Hope for our Future’.


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I don’t know where y’all are at,

But I’m at my station

And I thought it best to give you a little motivation

Y’all are coming all the way to the rainbow nation

To display a common passion

That unites us all despite our divisions

To be African and redefine what that means for the next couple of generations

I know you’re thinking “that’s not really my intention”

I want to travel, have some fun, do some shopping intervention

But that’s not the purpose or the mission

And be sure I’ll remind you every single session.

We’re here to inspire, conspire, desire to build our Africa once more right from the root of her destruction

To interact, argue and visualize the continent we know we can be and will be once we rise from the ashes of dysfunction.

We walk in crisply dressed in Africa’s best synchronized in mind, body and function

Some bored, some excited, some tired but regardless present and at attention

To discuss some of our most disturbing issues at a table that forces us to make the best of the PHD’s we’ve gained by consistently bearing witness to unfortunate incompetence in action.

To put balms on the festering wounds of our nations

To fight against the narrative that she’s incurable and doomed to be plagued by diseases of violence, mass hospitalization,

Religious intolerance, and corruption

Oppression by our own, colonization by the ‘stronger’ nations.

Mismanagement of our funds, blatant misadministration.

We arrive to prove to ourselves that these issues are worth solving and more so possible not because statistics back the rise of our countries from oppression but because we owe it to ourselves to strive till the reality we want becomes a natural position

While we sit in committee sessions for many hours, we will remind ourselves that like soldiers we are disciplining our fragile attention spans to attend to Africa’s many contentions

We will find solace in the hours or seconds we poured over essays and blogs to find out what exactly what it means to be part of a delegation.

We will enjoy our food and remind ourselves how much easier it is to love life  when your food is not not at the hands of poor, poor justification, exploitation, polarization within the nations we’ve called our temporary habitation.

Why run when you hold the unique ability to restore the conviction in a dying medication for the growth of our nations.

A medicine we call faith in our capacity,

Hope in our future,

Love for the nations we’ve accepted as homes we didn’t choose at conception.

Because Africa’s real future lies in the hands and minds of those who are not afraid of admitting they are in a horribly uncomfortable situationship of love and hate for their countries,

But the real person afraid of commitment is you.

Only then will the imposition of this habitation become a cure to its horrible repercussions because, in that exact moment, the fog will clear and remind you,

That the normalcy of a bad situation is not proper socialization.

Thank you ❤️

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