Your food is burning

The Dodo is Frying!

The Chapati needs to be Flipped!

The Couscous is soggy!

The cap of the Mageu is broken! Collapsed! Destroyed!

In case it’s not clear what’s being said yet, your time is far far far spent! Registration is ending soon soon soon! Meaning you’re about to be very late and possibly miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Remember that African Leadership Academy Model African Union is a conference that brings people of your age across the continent to discuss crucial issues that affect the progress of our individual nations as well as the continent. By registering, you’re inadvertently making a commitment to impacting the lives of fellow Africans and change what your future looks like.

If you’re still not convinced, I promise it’s pretty on your college transcript or resume. This is the time.

Yours truly,

Director of Press Corps.

Bolaji Olalere.

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