Letter From The 2022 Chairperson

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, Parents, and MAU stakeholders,

I am excited and delighted to welcome you to the eighth session of the African Leadership Academy Model African Union(ALAMAU)! This past year has been a challenging experience and the ALAMAU secretariat empathizes with everyone affected by the pandemic. We recognize the constraints that this period of uncertainty is bringing and acknowledge in humility our inability to predict the measures that South Africa, alongside the international community, will take. In that regard and with the safety and security of our delegates and faculty advisors in mind, we anticipate that this year conference will be online with delegates having the opportunity to attend the conference from the comfort of their home country. Still, we maintain our strong commitment to organizing a conference wherein young people will have the space to collaborate, negotiate and find solutions to the continent’s most…



20 Years of the AU: Propelling Vision Towards Action

The African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) celebrates the significant role that the African Union (AU) has played in the pursuit of peace and prosperity on our continent in the past twenty years.  Our conference theme seeks to reaffirm our commitment to the existing Agenda 2063 vision, whilst emphasizing the importance of its execution. We recognise the challenges that the continent faces, particularly that of Covid-19, which has brought new as well as exacerbated existing challenges. As we move towards recovery, we seek to take decisive action towards the tangible realisation of our vision. 



Since the pandemic started, the AU has achieved milestones worth celebrating. These range from the one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines secured to the launching of the African Continental Free Trade Area. Through various forms of debt relief, our economies are also on the pathway towards recovery, and we are seeing greater economic inclusion for women, as “African leaders commit to taking action for gender inclusion towards sustainable development at national, regional, and continental levels” (Mlaba). There has also been “significant progress in establishing National Peace Councils and increasing access to electricity and internet” (African Union).


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