A Youth-Driven Continent, Pioneering a New Era

As the world’s youngest continent, Africa’s hope lies in her young people. By 2050, Africa is predicted to have about 830 million people aged below 25 years (UN). The African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) theme this year, ‘A Youth Driven Continent, Pioneering a New Era’, seeks to invigorate the delegates towards active engagement in redefining the narrative of Africa. Filled with the awareness that Africa has the potential for a sustainable new era, the theme is dedicated to cultivating proactive mindsets amongst youths, to solve the problems of the African continent. 

The African continent still has several issues to solve to set up her youths for success. This is why all ten committees at ALAMAU, as well as the Press Corps in this year’s conference, will be in burning discussions to refine the youth for the bright future ahead. Some of the discussions will include the impact that substance addiction has on youths and addressing the need for youth-addiction support systems; the turning of Africa to BRICS and what this means for young people; leveraging the youth in peace-building processes; strengthening vocational training programs to provide for youth; as well as supporting innovation and tech startups. 


Through focused discussions and meaningful resolutions, delegates will be a step forward in the quest to understand the youths’ position in the development of the continent. The conference will not only give a platform for the delegates to engage in an act to represent countries, but it will be a platform for the young people involved to learn more about the opportunities that they could possibly engage in. The future of Africa is bright, but it can only be made sustainable by empowering those who behold it- the youth.