“Supreme Computers, The State-of-The-Art of Our Future” by Saad Makhal

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Around the last 150 years, the telegraph was treated as a magical, super-powered invention that enabled you to connect with another person wirelessly! However, these days, they have become an old-fashioned ‘thing’ people used to have in the past. I am not here to judge the telegraph, but to tell you a small secret: the […]

“Enhancing Female Leadership In Africa” by Khahliso Myataza.

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The South African Constitution stipulates that every person, of every gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief and overall demographic has the right to equal access to education and opportunity. I, Khahliso Myataza, solemnly believe that the meaningful representation of womxn, in every space, at any given time is inherently crucial for the sustainable development of the […]

“May the Fires be Cleansing” by Judith Mugweru.

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Hello avid reader, I hope you’ve been keeping diplomatic. Over the past few weeks, Africa’s political atmosphere has been in a state of turmoil, with dissatisfied citizens projecting their discontent to their governments and demanding change which is a huge step in the right direction. Africans have been known to adopt rather passive positions when it comes […]

10 Days till Conference!

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Committee: The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Topic: Fostering Sustainable Development through Agriculture. It is common knowledge that a great deal of African economies relies on their agricultural sector as the main source of revenue. In the study guide, the committee chair, Anannya writes about the challenges that the agricultural sector already faces such […]