Embracing The New Journal

Hello, inhabitants of the motherland. I hope this message finds you in the highest of spirits. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Director of the Press Corps Committee for the ALAMAU Conference in 2021. Your presence here is highly appreciated and we hope you engage with our upcoming posts.


2020 has been a year like no other. For some, this has mostly been due to the precautions that have been taken to flatten the curves in our respective countries, with some of the implications of these precautions far-reaching. With economies slowing down and life taking an online virtual interface, life has taken a turn for the unexpected.


Although by now, things seem to be inching closer and closer to the pre-COVID era, with rush hour slowing down traffic once again, state borders opening up to international flights and masks becoming more and more adaptable to our everyday outfits, the future is looking bright goes without saying that the adaptation process from before COVID to during COVID then to during COVID to living with it has not been easy.


Most of us have been trying to grip tightly onto whichever constant we have deemed fit, be it the subject in school that one most enjoys, or that one meal that you know how to make, or even that one friend or family member that brings you the most solace. The relentless feeling to keep them close to you and, in a way, guide you through this tough time is relatable. This is completely acceptable and your needs are valid.


Do all you can to hold on to them and let them manifest in your life in as big or mundane ways as you deem fit. If possible take this time to catch up on an old hobby or read up on a topic that has always sparked your curiosity. Be intentional with the things you give your energy to. Let them be things that bring peace and light to you.


Once you feel rejuvenated, prepare to engage with the world once more. Hopefully, this includes joining me and the rest of the ALAMAU 2021 team at the upcoming conference by registering at the following link —



Until next time,

Judith Mugweru.

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