Letter from the Chairperson

Every year, hundreds of passionate individuals from across the African continent and beyond assemble in Johannesburg to participate in the African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) conference. The year 2021 will mark ALAMAU’s eighth session, and both school delegations and individual delegates are wholeheartedly welcome to participate in the conference. As a simulation of the African Union (AU), ALAMAU offers delegates an opportunity to engage with and work toward tackling the continent's pertinent issues. The conference theme of ALAMAU 2021 is “An Africa United: Fostering Resilience Post-COVID-19.” This theme is intended to encourage deep thought surrounding the realization of a sustainable and robust recovery following the pandemic. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of unity to secure prosperity, even in the face of adversity.

Over the course of five days, delegates will be able to navigate some of these challenges through rigorous debate, as well as the drafting of resolutions and creation of action plans that will allow resolutions to come to life. The ALAMAU experience is one which allows delegates to understand the mechanisms of international and political bodies such as the AU, while also allowing them to unravel the complexities of diplomacy. In addition to gaining broader perspectives and knowledge on international relations, delegates are offered numerous opportunities to grow and develop as individuals. As participants at ALAMAU, delegates will have the opportunity to strengthen their research, public speaking, strategic thinking, and other skills. Further, our ALAMAU staff will facilitate delegates’ growth by producing individualized feedback reports on each delegate’s performance in their respective committees.

Our delegate experience is built not only around conference committee sessions, but also around interactions with fellow participants and the vibrant, rich city of Johannesburg.

The Opening Ceremony, an event marked by high-profile speakers and musical performances, signifies the beginning of the conference. Thereafter, delegates are invited to attend the Diplomatic Reception and Roundtable, where diplomats and representatives of international organizations hold interactive panel discussions on topics relevant to today's Africa. During the conference, we also host a Cultural Night during which delegates are invited to showcase their diverse cultural backgrounds whilst they dine and enjoy a variety of artistic performances. Delegates and advisors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic city of Johannesburg as they visit key destinations across the city. As the conference nears its end, ALAMAU hosts a lively Gala Dinner and Delegates’ Dance to commemorate the final moments of the five-day experience. Lastly, the Closing Ceremony is used as a platform to celebrate exceptionally hard-working delegates.

The ALAMAU 2021 conference will be the eighth of its kind; that is to say we have celebrated seven years of identifying solutions to challenges facing the African continent, seven years of building strong and long-lasting relationships, and seven years of bringing together driven youth from across the African continent and beyond. As we enter the eighth edition of ALAMAU, I urge everyone to think about how such experiences foster individual and collective growth.

I look forward to welcoming you all in March and am excited to use ALAMAU as a platform for showcasing the tremendous potential and promise of our youth.


Safia Aladlouni

Chairperson, ALAMAU 2021