Working In Press Corps: A Finance Perspective

Sometimes, when people think of the Press Corps, they think that only those who love writing and experienced photographers can enjoy being in this committee. However, that is not always the case, especially this year. To conclude “Press…What?” series, we spoke with Nduta Mwangi, the Director of Finance for ALAMAU 2019 who also worked with Press Corps this year. We wanted to share her perspective of working in the Press Corps whilst being affiliated with Finance.

What made you join the Press Corps Team?
Dealing with Finances requires minimal interaction with people. I mostly sit behind a computer punching in numbers. However, when Mr Faith requested for me assist with Press Conferences in the Press Corps team, I was eager to join as I would have the opportunity to connect with more people and perhaps really see what goes on in their publications.

What have you enjoyed about Press Corps?

Getting to know delegates whilst assisting them with their writing. I loved seeing them break out of their shells not only in their writing but with one another. I also got to understand the Press Corps, the process of publishing newspapers, interviewing and creating riveting articles that people would love to read.

What is one misconception about Press Corps that you would like to dispell?

That Press Corps is boring and that it is not a real committee. While I do agree that Press Corps is different than the committees, it has equally more demanding. Also, there is so much you can learn from Press Corps. You just have to be willing to learn, be active and put your best foot forward.

There you have it. Whilst Press Corps does require reasonable experience with press skills (writing, interviews and video capturing) it is majorly held by attitude. If you seek to learn and make the best of your experience, you will learn how just as much as you would in a normal committee.

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